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The Psychotherapy Cooperative

A Non-Profit Organization in Seattle
Offering Affordable Psychotherapy Services
for the Community

About Our Members

Cooperative members include therapists and clinical supervisors, board members, working group participants, and others who generally support the organization’s mission. They provide their services to the organization on a pro bono basis.

Our therapists are graduates of Seattle University's Master of Psychology (MAP) Program, whose instruction is grounded in the existential phenomenological tradition of psychology. From this training foundation, graduates tend to challenge approaches in psychology that view human beings in a reductionistic manner. They also seek to develop an in-depth, embodied understanding of human existence and emphasize an understanding of people within the context of their lives. 

Membership Types and Opportunities

Graduates of the MAP Program -- and others who share kinship with the MAP Program’s values and approach -- are invited to inquire about joining as Psychotherapy Cooperative members. You may do so at

All Psychotherapy Cooperative members

  • Have free access to continuing education (CEU) events that we host.

  • May ​participate in consultation groups and other gatherings, available based on member interest and capacity.

  • Are asked to participate in board elections and to consider supporting the Cooperative in other capacities, if possible (e.g., financially, joining working groups that further our mission and operations, etc.).

Friend of the Cooperative members

  • This is an opportunity to support the Cooperative without providing direct services as a clinician. This membership involves an annual contribution, with a suggested amount of $50. All funds go toward the cost of operating as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and maintaining our unique model of offering low-fee therapy services to those who are otherwise unable to afford them in private practice or community mental health settings.

Therapist members


  • LMCHA therapists receive free supervision for their Cooperative work from a supervisor who also comes from the MAP Program community and background. Time spent on Cooperative work counts towards hours for full licensure.

  • Therapists have access to office space in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood, which is free to use for work with Cooperative clients. Being a Cooperative member also gives the option of accessing these offices at a low fee for use with private practice clients.

Clinical supervisor members

  • Clinicians who do not yet have Approved Washington State Supervisor status can work towards this status through the Cooperative, completing their 25 hours of required supervisor-supervision at no cost under the Cooperative’s purview. This includes attending a bi-weekly supervision-for-supervisors meetings, which is open to all Cooperative supervisors and intended to foster community amongst this group in general.

  • Supervisors supervise 1 or more LMHCA therapists, with supervision taking place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and in either a 1-1 or dual arrangement.

Board members and working group participants


  • Board members gather on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to maintain and advance the Cooperative’s mission, operations, and programmatic work. 

  • Working group participants may operate on an ad hoc, individual or joint, short-term, or more coordinated basis, depending on Cooperative needs and what participants wish to offer. Opportunities may range from supporting fundraising strategies to coordinating consultation groups or other community-fostering activities.

  • Those who join in either capacity can find both close, MAP alumni community in these roles as well as an opportunity to apply experience, expertise, and skills in a way that furthers MAP Program values and service to the community.


The Psychotherapy Cooperative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are grateful for donations from the community, all of which go toward the cost of operating. All of our therapists, supervisors, and board members work on a volunteer basis. If you would like to support our work, please click the link below to use PayPal or your credit card to make a contribution. Or, you may send a check donation to the Psychotherapy Cooperative at 2711 East Madison Street, Suite 202, Seattle, WA 98112. Thank you!

Make a contribution

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