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The Psychotherapy Cooperative

A Non-Profit Organization in Seattle
Offering Affordable Psychotherapy Services
for the Community

Therapy Services

The therapists of the Psychotherapy Cooperative work individually with adults who experience depression or discouragement, problems with self-esteem or anxiety, difficulty with life transitions and other issues influencing the quality of life. We do not have psychiatrists on staff and so we cannot provide psychiatric evaluations or medication management. Our therapists do not typically have availability for crisis intervention care or case management services.

Fees and Payment

The Psychotherapy Cooperative is committed to providing affordable therapy services; we ask people to pay as much as they can reasonably afford. The specific fee is worked out with the individual therapist at the beginning of services. Payment is expected at the time of each session. If a client’s financial circumstances change, the fee will be will be renegotiated with the therapist. All monies received go toward the cost of operating the Cooperative. The therapists, supervisors, and board of directors all work on a volunteer basis.

As described here, clients have the right to receive a “good faith estimate” for the cost of our services. This will be provided if we being working together.


Our offices are located in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle about one mile east of downtown Seattle. 

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