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Decolonizing Clinical Practice
through Testimony and Witness​

A Phenomenological Conversation with

Dr. Claire LeBeau and Kelvin Peprah, MA (MAP 2018), LMHC

This lecture will explore decolonizing the therapeutic space through a phenomenological exploration of historical domination and power.​

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Date and time

Thursday, May 16 · 6 - 8pm PDT


Pigott Building Room 103

Seattle University

901 12th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122


 virtually on Zoom (register for link)

About this event

The notion of decolonizing clinical practice is distinctively relevant for psychotherapists and counselors who seek to discover how to meet themselves and meet with their patients in genuine collaboration and community. The ongoing formation of community through overcoming the disease of loneliness and isolation (van den Berg, 1972) involves the endlessly unfolding phenomenological practice of exploring who we are and where we come from. Therapists come to meet their patients through an increasing relational capacity to bear witness to healing testimony. Necessarily, this witness must involve the exploration of how systems of power and domination have impacted both our individual developmental ontologies as well as our collective epistemologies and knowledge frameworks.


Learning Objectives:

By the end of this training you can expect:

· To have a working definition of the terms decolonization, social positionality, and intersectionality

· To develop a reflective phenomenological perspective on your own social position as a therapist

· To begin to develop an understanding of the paradoxical dynamics of power and vulnerability in the healing relationship

· To begin to develop a foundation for future reflection and ongoing discussion in community

 2 CEUs for Mental Health Professionals

Learn more about Kelvin Peprah at his website,

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