The Psychotherapy Cooperative

About our Lecture Events


We are proud to present a series of lectures that honor the memory and tradition of Dr. Jan Rowe, longtime Seattle University professor and one of the founders of the Psychotherapy Cooperative. Through this series, we strive to continue Jan's work in leading therapists to appreciate and honor how we grow as persons through our work with our clients. To support our Lecture Series, please Make a Contribution.

Past Events and Presenters

  • April 2020: Couples Work with Enrico Gnaulati, Ph.D.

  • June 2019: Professional Ethics in Mental Health Counseling with Christie Lynk

  • October 2018: In-Depth Psychotherapy with Mental Health Reformer Enrico Gnaulati, Ph.D.

  • March and April 2018: Focusing with Kevin Krycka, Ph.D.

  • October 2017: Presenter: Randy Horton, Ph.D

  • October 2016: Presenter: Leyla Welkin, Ph.D

  • October 2015: Presenter: Jerry Evergreen, M.A.

  • October 2014: Presenter: Laura S. Brown Ph.D of Seattle

  • September 2013: Presenter: Philip Cushman, Ph.D

  • September 2012: Presenter: Janice Palm, M.A.

  • November 2011: Presenter: Ned Farley, Ph.D

  • October 2010: Presenter: John Wynn, M.D.

  • September 2009: Presenter: Gretchen Gundrum, Ph.D

  • September 2008: Presenter: Lane Gerber, Ph.D Seattle University, Psychotherapy Cooperative

  • May 2007: Guest Presenter: Craig Rennebohm, Mental Health Chaplaincy