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The Psychotherapy Cooperative, in partnership with the Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) Program at Seattle University, is proud to welcome a clinical conversation focusing on psychedelic healing practices:





Friday, October 9, 2020

4:00 -- 6:30 p.m.

2.5 CEUs


The legitimization of psychedelics as viable psychological tools is taking place rapidly. However, we still understand little about the phenomenology of how these tools work. In this talk, we will explore how psychedelic healing experiences are deeply existential-phenomenological in nature, and what are the physical and psychological containers that can best support this therapeutic work. We will also explore the shadow of the psychedelic experience, their historical use, and the latest regarding their legality and use in clinical practice. We hope the majority of the session can be open ended for questions.  


Thomas C. Swift, MA, AMFT, received his degree in existential-phenomenological psychology from Seattle University in 2012 and is currently pursuing clinical licensure in California. He has worked as a guide at Johns Hopkins University in the psilocybin cancer-anxiety study, and is conducting qualitative research into the nature of healing with psychedelics in a clinical context, with MDMA and psilocybin. He is also a current director of the RiverStyx Foundation which has been dedicated to advancing opportunities for psychological growth and healing in the areas of end-of-life care, the criminal justice system, indigenous populations, and in relationship to our ecology. 


Leland Guthrie, MA is a doctoral candidate in Duquesne University’s clinical psychology program which promotes qualitative research grounded in existential-phenomenological thought.  He is currently finishing his dissertation titled: The phenomenology of the spiritual ordeal: Paradoxical healing in challenging Ayahuasca experiences, which seeks to understand the ways that difficult psychedelic experiences may catalyze growth and transformation.  

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